Sunday, September 30, 2007

Uppa's legacy (or at least a part)

My dad posted about leaving ball games early just like my grandfather z"l would do.

I am happy to report that bnei banim harei hame k'banim.

Brad was upset and philosophically opposed to the practice, and his points are well taken.

But a few points of my (or our) own:

1. I would agree with you if the game in question was basketball or hockey contest where the experience is based largely around the excitement and energy in the arena. However baseball to me is far more about relaxation than excitement. Getting stuck in traffic after the game ruins the whole experience. And if I might miss some excitement at the end, so be it, it's not why I came in the first place.

2. The satisfaction of a clear Van Wyck goes beyond not wasting time myself. It is also about the poor suckers who stayed and will have to drive through a big mess.

3. Sorry, but there is something about leaving events early that is ingrained in the collective unconscious of the greater MoC family that you are probably not going to get no matter how hard you try.

Perfect example: This summer my wife and I took our son to a Wiggles concert. As I saw the concert winding down I said to IH "seventh inning, time to go."

On second thought, perhaps we are (or just I am) a little sick.


Anonymous said...

shcoiach for the hat tip. The only comment that i would add on to your points is that while it might be true that the baseball game is more about relaxing than about the excitement, when there are runners on in the late innings, even if down by a lot, the place starts to sizzle. and if the score is close, u can feel the pounding of the collective hearts of the stadium, and if the score ends up getting tied, there is liable to be a coronary, and if its a playoff game? or a pennant race? especially in new york?? i think u get more excitement there than u would in the other sports(just for that few minutes, not the whole game, those few minutes) bc there is no clock thats ticking down, every player can take his time, and the tension builds and builds and... well lets just say i really hope the yankees dont get swept today.Brad

OOS said...

I hear.