Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Israeli style

Oh yeah, I write a blog. Almost forgot.

Not that I am returning with anything important. Today's topic is Israeli style, of which I have become somewhat of an expert.

Here are a few of note:

Nuclear waste hair dye: Have you ever seen an Israeli woman with an abnormal hair color? Stupid question. Have you ever seen a woman with normal color hair? Yes, at some point it became fashionable for women to color their hair blood red, or neon orange, or some other color of puke. What type of place would offer these shades? Where do they get their hair done? Dimona?

Plumber jeans: Yes this one is just like it sounds. Except everyone in Israel seems to be a plumber.

Bling bling charedi shirts: But don't worry as long as they are still white.

Male belly shirts: As far as I am concerned men (and women for that matter) should keep their navels to themselves.

Face Shadow: Let's try to keep the eye shadow on your eyes (that one was from IH-- I wouldn't have noticed)