Monday, June 25, 2007

Am I a kvetch?

I get easily annoyed in elevators.

The topic for today is something that I probably have no right to get upset about, but it annoys me nonetheless, and I want to get some feedback about it.

I get ticked off when I am on an elevator and I have pushed a high floor, say number 10. Another person gets on and pushes 6. A third person joins us, he is young and able bodied. He sees that floor six is lit up, and then pushes 5 or 7.

This annoys me, because he is wasting my time. Whenever I see that someone has pushed the floor directly above or below my floor I just get off with that person and either go up or descend a flight.

Am I just being a kvetch?


Anonymous said...

Yes! Why is your time more valuable then the time it will take them to go up or down the stairs. to me it seems an odd thing to get upset about, lifts are there with the sole purpose of taking you to the correct floor.
no offence - just puzzled.....

OOS said...

I see your point.

I guess I'm a kvetch