Thursday, April 12, 2007

People I want to kill

Lets start with the guy from the following story:

This morning, as is my minhag, I went to the 6:45 minyan in the shul across the street. This shul is, hmmm... how should I put it?... interesting (Yes, interesting is a nice word for a shul that is in a bunker, and which gets over 100 people for kabbolos shabbos, yet struggles mightily to get a minyan for shacharis on a weekday. But I digress).

We are almost always able to get a minyan, but unfortunately today was an unlucky day, and at 7:15, with only eight men the decision was made to daven b'yichidus. At 7:25 a ninth man entered. At 7:35, yes SEVEN- THIRTY FIVE!!! No you are not reading that incorrectly a full FIFTY MINUTES!!! after davening was scheduled our asiri (tenth man) (lets call him @&%*) entered (this is not strange for @!*&, he never comes before 7:15).

Seething, I ripped off my tallis and tefillin, and headed for the exit. As I left, @#^% turned to me, and in a reproachful voice says, "Ma zeh? Yeish lanu minyan. Assur lecha la'azov." (What is this? We have a minyan. It is forbidden for you to leave)

A word of advice Mr. @#$%--- watch your back.


tnspr569 said...

Hmmm...these things always tend to happen.

The Anchorite said...

y favorite Minyan Story,
I was walking down Rechov Meaah Shearim one shabbos moringng at 9am. I had slept late and was on my way to the Shteiblach. A man called out to me " a Tzenter, a tzenter" so I awarily follwed him into a dimly lit hovel, a little shtieble the size of most peoples coat closet. I looked around and saw three (3) other people! I turned to the guy, ut he was already back outside calling "a tzenter".